Alexander Hamilton

Adeline and her best friend Tango sent a donation memorial for another little budgie named Alexander Hamilton who belonged to her friend.

Emily's Loss
Our very good friend Emily lost four of her beloved parrots in a fire in 2005. Flying in heaven now are
Kula Kai, Sydney Marie, Gucci Galab and Pearl. Emily is doing well after a lot of friendship and a lot of healing. To see their memorial, please type the following into your browser address bar:
M2 hen of indeterminate age, was found dead on the aviary floor Saturday morning. We believe she passed quietly in her sleep.

We found Mollie at the San Jose Flea Market. A breeder was dumping her because she was no longer producing. $300. She never would trust our hands but was almost always willing to give a kiss. Yes, we trusted her that much. Soon after coming home with us she introduced herself to "Big Syd" and they shacked up for a while. They had fun playing house in a big box we put outside their cage. This was in Sunnyvale. They got along well for about the first year up here until Syd got a hair across his butt and bit hers one day. She moved out, got her own place and started dating around. This summer she moved out to the Moluccan condo. She soon had a handful of suitors that took care of her every need. At least they kept her warm at night. Really, she always had at least one, often one on each side, as the nights grew cooler. How many girls could be as lucky as she was? 5 boys and only 1 girl. She definitely wanted to keep it that way. She was found on her back next to a log under one of the common roosting perches. Her eyes were closed. Her wings and feet were curled. She had some bite marks but no blood. We believe Doc, her main squeeze, tried to wake her. He still goes down and paces the log where we found her. This picture is Mollie and two of her suitors. A girl walks around half naked she's bound to attract some attention.

We lost our precious Tiki today. We’ve had her for what seems like forever. We got her through so much. She was a pathetic wreck on day one… huge swollen elbow w/ massive infection from self inflicted damage, naked (or darned close to it), and did so much medically for her. She absolutely blossomed. Most of her feathers returned."

"She was with out a doubt, our Fair Princess Tiki Wiki. And darned if she didn’t know it. Her world rose and set on Nate. She had at least a dozen ways of saying Hello to suit her purposes."  

"She went into respiratory arrest coming out of surgery this afternoon. No more infections. No more frozen wings. No more throwing herself off of the perch for attention and ending up turtle-back. No more ‘hello’. No more strutting. No more…She is so much better off now but that doesn’t mean we won’t miss her so…Fly free sweet girl."

Betsy & Nate

As you know, or knew and may have forgotten, when we first began our transition from adoption to sanctuary we started out as a sanctuary for Moluccan Cockatoos (M2s). We made this decision because every Molly we had ever adopted out came back to us. Some more than once. This is why the name Mollywood was developed and adopted. The one M2 that was adopted out the most, and came back the most, was Devi Maya. One of the sweetest birds in the world with a voice as big as the heavens. Of course it was this voice that got her sent back to us. Devi’s last adopters were a young couple, Kate and Yousef. They had two Umbrella Cockatoos from us and everybody was happy. When they asked to adopt Devi we knew she had a home forever, at least we thought so. These young folks were struggling in all the ways couples do, and then some. In addition to the normal young couple stuff they were also working hard to develop a viable business and income stream for themselves that stood apart from the day-to-day. Their living and working space was a shop in an industrial park. Where better to home a boisterous M2 than someplace that had no other people in the early morning and evening hours. Alas, it was not to be. The property owner’s son decided he too could live in one of the units. Soon he was complaining about Devi and threatening to have the kids thrown out. They too gave her back. They knew at the time that it was the hardest choice they had ever made. They soon realized that it was also the worst choice they could have made. They have missed her terribly ever since. Kate and Yousef have remained dear friends through the years since then and have maintained frequent correspondence with us. After some back and forth communication, in mid January, they made the trek up to Washington to pick up their beloved little girl. That was just about 3 weeks ago. Sadly, this past Sunday, the joy of this family and flock reunited was cut short. Something happened. Devi spooked, she flew, she landed wrong and hurt herself. She seemed to be fine at first but soon crashed and died before the day was done. Kate and Yousef are devastated. Sonny and Flaxy are depressed. All of Devi’s friends, old and new, are grieving. Kate and Yousef don’t have any other “bird friends” where they live in California. We’re probably their closest. So what we’re hoping is that for all of you who have known Devi Maya, you might take a few minutes out of your day to send them an email or put a card in the mail. They need support right now as Betsy and I are about all they have.
MARTIN - "Martin was loved by all whoever knew him. He brought joy to everyone. His absence in everyone's life will be felt always. We miss you Martin."

MALI DHALI - "He was a kindred spirit that shared his life with us. What more can any creature, human or otherwise, offer us..."
~ Dave

Naomi's sweet baby boy... He lived a great life, filled with love, confidence, adventure and flight. Gone too soon. Fly free sweet boy.

ODESSA - the circle of life..... We lost our sweet, precious Odessa today after a brave battle with a failing liver. She was quite simply one of the sweetest moluccans to ever grace the face of this earth.  Given we have as many as we do, it's a wonder (and a blessing really) that we don't lose more. However, Odie, sweet Odie, is a painful loss. We've had her for almost 10 years. She was one of our original pink girls. We brought her up from California with us.
MAI TAI - "Loved by me and loved by his foster parents. Gone too soon, but left this earth loved by many and missed by Jeffrey, Aurora and the rest of the flock."
DUNCAN - Duncan Osborne died in 2006 while home on Christmas break from his first semester of college. He had been a wonderful Mollywood Volunteer for 3 short years and we will always miss him!  We like to think that Sweet Maggie May is with him again. She was his favorite bird and she died in 2005.
EMILY - With a heavy heart I am sadly passing on the news that our sweet little “pot bellied” Emily has passed away. Her cancer finally won. Fortunately, Emily did not suffer at all and was the same sweet loving Emily right up until she died. She appears to have died in her sleep."
GENIE BIRD died in my arms last night. She prolapsed about 6 inches of her insides following her first and only egg. She was so shocky and weak she would not have survived surgery and there was no way I could let her suffer. After spending some quality time with her telling her how much I loved her and wanted her to go be free from pain, she must have listened. Before the vet could do her thing, Genie had heart failure and collapsed in my arms.  She’s safely flying free now.

CHINA - She was a luminary who obscured even the brightest of stars. Pinky, fly home.

TIFFANY - A much loved and dearly missed friend.

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